About us

Founded in 2007, we have expanded to include a wide range of services and grown our client base. As members of the Uganda Clearing Industry and Forwarding Association (UCIFA) we have ample staff qualified in customs and forwarding procedures. Run by a young, fresh and vibrant team of individuals yearning to make your business prosper CCAF is a logistics company that is firmly established to offer a dynamic approach to logistics by running a sleek, efficient, and professional operation

Our Mission

The mission is to provide our esteemed customers with a professional service of the highest order and grow our expertise at the greatest level.

Our Vision

The vision is to be the best, more so than the biggest, in East Africa.

Core Values

Transparency, quality, integrity, teamwork, efficiency, fun.

Standard Operating Procedures

We follow the importer’s obligations and operating procedures regarding invoicing, listing, certification, and insurance

Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas and designated outdoor areas are provided for smoking.

Health and safety is a top priority for our organization. All staff should be trained in health and safety procedures and regularly updated on any changes. Regular risk assessments should be conducted to identify and mitigate any potential hazards.

In the event of a staff injury, we provide compensation to cover any medical expenses and lost wages. All our staff are aware of the procedures for reporting and addressing workplace injuries

All hazardous fluids and chemicals are clearly labeled and stored in our secure locations. Only our trained and authorized staff handle these substances.


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Management Team

Managing Director

Asiimwe Rogers

Email: rogers@ccaf.biz Tel: +256 392 944 714

Operations Director

Kamanya David

Email: david@ccaf.biz Tel: +256 772 444 001

Marketing Director

Nowomugisha N. Sedrack

Email: sedrack@ccaf.biz Tel: +256 740 411 111

Head Logistics

Faizal Kigundu

Email: fizal@ccaf.biz Tel: +256 701 000 669

Finance and Administration

Micheal Muhumuza

Email: micheal@ccaf.biz Tel: +256 772 561 620

Head IT

Oman Samuel

Email: samuel@ccaf.biz Tel: +256 781 514 810